Speed on the Water: https://speedonthewater.com is one of our clients, a heavily trafficked site dealing with high performance powerboats and powerboat racing. They produce a lot of unique content but had a lot of competition for rankings, and the number of ads made for a slow load.

To improve their rankings, speed and traffic, we set up Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), got Google to index over 1600 pages and give them very high search rankings:

Do a mobile google search for "Mercury Racing". Fourth result down is a SpeedOnTheWater.com review. Click to see how fast it loads. Click the menu to jump to the website.

Note the "Add to Screen" icon. Click that, it installs a shortcup to your device's desktop. With that, you can launch a Progressve Web App (PWA). If you have a connection to the internet, the entire site is available, and loads quickly.

If you lose connection, all previously viewed pages can be read; new ones will prompt you to reconnect.

Push Notifications: To increase user interactivity and increase page views, SpeedOnTheWater set up Push Notifications with pushcrew.com (others options are available). We integrated Push with the PWA, you will see a note asking if you want to receive notifications from within the App.

For questions, or to get AMP and PWA for your site, contact David McCreary
+1 703 801 8037
Skype: dmccreary
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